Friday, 23 February 2018


for every time her hair wrapped my fingers,
and her body hugged the cold rim of the toilet,
because you decided
she wasn’t drunk enough.
for all the accidental grazes,
the fake apologies,
and the knowing smile as my knees
press tighter together.
for every “I got home safe” text I’ve sent, every,
“is it too dark out?”, question I’ve asked.
for all the times my skin
crawled as your eyes
travelled my body,
for every dress code I’ve followed, every,
“your body is a shrine” comment I’ve heard,
and every time I’ve pulled down my skirt
because a stranger found my
skin uncomfortable.
#Me too
because boys will not
just be boys.
#Me Too
because there are men screaming with us.
#Me too
because sexual harassment
is      not   just   rape.
It is the consistent, suffocating,
powerlessness of having
a body that is not yours
a body that is not yours

my body is not yours.

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