Saturday, 24 February 2018

Conversations I Don't Partake in

Politicians scare me.
They stand on pedestals laden
with roses from corporations
I don't understand.

They make blanket statements,
promising hope, change, compromise,
and yet all I see
is increases in police brutality,
child sized coffins riddled with holes,
and stacks of green stuffing powerful pockets.

They tell us we have the power,
that we chose who's in their tower,
and yet I wonder if it's really choice
when you're choosing the lesser of two evils.

When I was young, I thought
leading was synonymous with love,
that to be a leader meant to inspire and protect your people...
and yet it seems the only of
your people
you love
are those bearing crosses or
scribbling your name on blank cheques.

Have you ever noticed
the colour of money is the colour of death?
Green means mould,
and yet
it's the colour you see in your dreams
as you sip on our freedoms.

You keep saying you've grown,
that your country has flourished under your thumb
and yet the only growth I see
is coffins in the street,
guns cradling infants,
and families in need.

Politicians scare me.

They smile at the camera
as they sign death warrants
and organize disasters.
They utter promise of a new world
but never mention the new world
requires the destruction of our current.

I wonder when leader became synonymous with power.

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